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September 20, 2018 Home Decor Ideas

Perfect Panel Room Divider at Home

Panel room divider – A decade ago in the houses we found all the areas divided by spaces and uses, with the new dynamics and the concept of the loft where everything is one , the divisions between spaces began to disappear, the new dynamics of life also have taken us to meetings With family and friends in a same space so theĀ  kitchen , living room and dining room are in the same environment, however, there are small elements or inclusions of them that we can do in order to generate barriers not so strong but physical to generate Some kind of division, without the need for partition walls, so let’s start the walk.

Decorative Panel Room Divider

Decorative Panel Room Divider

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Panel room divider is one of the most used today, storage furniture becomes space dividers, so not only are large walls but inside they keep everything that Mom bought. Is a space utilitarian? Notice how a pillar within the space delimits the kitchen area and is reinforced by a suspended table that serves as a pantry table. Located in a corner creating in an abstract way a cube. Another way to create a division between spaces is through the roof of your play height and at the same time with lighting. Let’s see how in the kitchen we get a slightly lower ceiling with direct lighting and luminaries in sight, while in the room we see indirect lighting thanks to a hammer that is made as the edge of the whole space.

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Behind the dining room we get a cube in the middle of the environment, which has inside the kitchen, ingenious, do not you think, half a wall finished in a glass wall that opens to the social area maintaining a visual contact when desired If the disaster is major with simply closing the windows no one will find out. A storage cabinet is the perfect panel room divider of space.


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