Luxury Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Jun 26th

Glass kitchen cabinets – Incorporating glass into your kitchen cabinets brings additional light and air to your kitchen. You can mix glass with stainless steel for an elegant, contemporary design or combine it with solid oak frames for more than one country look. Glass offers great versatility, offering transparent glass, texture, etching, and ice-cream or even stained or leaded to design of your closet door.

Interior Glass Kitchen Cabinets
Interior Glass Kitchen Cabinets

If you want something special, but that is trying to bring light into space, get cabinets doors with glass doors and have customized glass. Purchase custom embossed glass from company’s own cabinet with your family name, coat of arms or other preferred design. For a more colorful approach, find a local glass manufacturer, and make them create special colored glass kitchen cabinets panels for your cabinets. You can sketch design you want on a piece of paper yourself, or have artist draw one for you. Most color glass makers will also let you select colors you want to use.

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Transparent glass cabinet doors or closet door inserts allow display of dishes, glassware and heirlooms. Transparent glass offers a clean and elegant appearance other options cannot. Choose framed or frameless seamless glass doors with a number of hardware options. Clear glass is usually least expensive option of glass, depending on degree of your choice. However, it is a test of stains and fingerprints far more than glass doors with textured, frosted or decorative.

Frosted glass offers an opaque look, created with high pressure and sand. Like textured glass, it hides smudges and fingerprints while showing basic shape and color of elements inside closet. To add design to your kitchen cabinet panel, choose an engraved design, either ready or custom made. Etching uses air pressure and abrasives to remove top layer of glass kitchen cabinets for a permanent design. You can find engraving designs to match any kitchen theme, including floral, fireflies, butterflies, vines, bows or abstract designs.

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