Butterfly Room Decor Ideas

Jun 24th

Room decor ideas with the first step in decorating a room are to decide what color to paint and what type of wallpaper to use. Go to the home or interior design shop and tell them you want to see samples of wallpaper that features butterflies. Most stores will give you samples to take home so you can make a decision. You can either use the butterfly wallpaper on every wall in the room, or use a combination of wallpaper and paint. One idea is to paint the room decor ideas with a pastel shade of lilac or pink and then use a butterfly wallpaper border around the top of the wall.

Room Decor Ideas Classic
Room Decor Ideas Classic
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Some people also choose to use wallpaper borders to separate the two shades of color. Try to paint the lower half of the wall a dark shade of pink and the top half of a lighter color, then paste butterfly wallpaper border between the two paint colors. You can also decorate the walls with butterfly stickers, decals or applications. You can buy butterfly carpets in many interior and baby stores. Some carpets have a lot of butterflies, while others actually shaped like a giant butterfly. Choose a rug that you like and put it in the middle of the room to be used as a decorative accent.

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Bed Decor

Butterflies are popular and come in all sorts of room decor ideas. You can buy sheets, quilts and comforters that feature butterflies in many stores. Pick items that match with the other colors in the room if you can. You can also choose to use plain sheets in combination with a butterfly-patterned quilt or comforter. You can also buy or make a butterfly pillows or blankets to place on the bed when not in use. You have another opportunity to incorporate your butterfly theme on your windows. You can buy or make butterfly curtains or even decorate the windows themselves. If you choose to do butterfly curtains, you can find a variety of butterfly patterned fabrics on the craft store to use. To decorate the windows, you can buy butterfly decals and stickers at craft or interior design shop. Simply buy the stickers and then arrange them on the screen in a design you like. Most stickers do not affect your ability to clean the window, but read the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure.

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